Our Story

I am both Cin and Bal- Cin Bal!

Muhammer Vesekci is the founder of Cin Bal Kebap Salonu. He was the dealer of “Cincibir Sunay Cocktail ” sodas, which was the famous soda of that time, in Fethiye in the 1970s. He left after being the dealer of these sodas in Fethiye for three years. He left the soda dealership and bought a new vehicle and started to make honey. He loaded honey in his car and went to sell honey outside of Fethiye. Because things were going well there, a car sold the honey in one day. His friends were astonished by this situation and they went to dinner to relieve the tiredness of the day. This group of friends, who came together, find themselves in a deep conversation at the dinner table. One of Muammer Vesekci’s friends asked a question to Muammer; “Friend, what are you like? Are you Cin? Are you Bal?” says. Since Muammer is a very warm-blooded person, he likes the question of his friends very much. He gave a humorous answer to this question; “I am both Cin and Bal- Cin Bal!” saying, “Cin Bal ” has carried the name since then. It has been a world-renowned brand since 1975.



Cin Bal, came to life at a friend’s table with Muammer Vesekci; Since the day it was founded, it has been serving with the same trust, the same love, and the same taste. Even though the years go by, Cin Bal’s friendship always remains…