B.C. of the past Kayaköy, which is said to date back to 3000 BC, consists of two very different settlements.

Kayaköy is one of the most authentic and beautiful settlements on the Teke Peninsula. The village, known as one of the ancient cities of the Lycian Civilization, was called Karymlassos in the past. They established Telmessos in Fethiye and Karymlossos where Kayaköy is. The village BC. It is known to have a history dating back to 3000 BC. However, the oldest finds are BC. It belongs to the 4th century. Kayaköy, which has managed to attract all the attention with its 5 thousand years of history, is among the places frequented by both domestic and foreign tourists. In 1922, with the Greeks living in the village immigrating to Greece due to the population exchange, the Turks who came from Greece settled in this region. The reasons such as the absence of stables to tie the horses in the village and the fact that it is not located on the river bank are known as the most important reasons for the migration of the Turks from the region. Today, Kayaköy has been taken under protection and is offered to local and foreign tourists as a protected area. In addition to these, it should be stated that there is a church on the highest point of the village. It is known that the Greek people in ancient times performed their worship in the church here. In addition to this, the church was also used as a viewing terrace. When you look at the village from the church, the small stone houses, which are reminiscent of rock pieces and built with calculations so that their shadows do not fall behind the house, are dazzling.

You can start exploring this miraculous city, whose roots go back to before Christ, from the streets of the ghost city. Fascinating with its narrow streets and unique architecture, Kayaköy is one of the unique places that attract the attention of both foreign and domestic tourists. This area, which contains hundreds of abandoned houses and churches from the early 20th century, is now used as a museum. You can add the historical Panagia Pirgiotissa and Taksiyarhis Churches, which are located in the city, and only the ruins of which have survived to the present day, to the list of must-sees.

Af Kule Monastery, which is 3 km away from Kayaköy, is one of the must-see places. This historical monastery, which is reached by a very steep slope and path, offers you a magnificent view when you reach it. Also very close to Kayaköy, Gemile Bay has a peaceful atmosphere surrounded by olive and pine trees. It is possible to reach this impressive bay both by land and by sea. It is a frequent destination for diving enthusiasts. Don’t forget to add the ATV Safari activity to your to-do list when you come to Kayaköy.

If you want to both relax and have a delicious meal during this pleasant journey, we would be happy to welcome you to Cin Bal.